Frequently Asked Question

  • How can I get guarantors?

    Let your friends and family know you are registering to be a Guru; share the website with all your contacts using the buttons in the homepage. Then, follow up with a call to those fellow students who actually know your abilities in your two best subjects. 

    These fellow students need to register on the website before they can serve as your guarantors. You will then be able to add ten of them as guarantors when registering as a Guru in the website. 

    Please ask them to click the link they would receive via email in order to confirm that they guarantee you are of good character and good in your best subjects.

  • How do I get paid?

    2-star Gurus and above levels can get paid monthly. When a tutoring session is completed, TeachCoin tokens are automatically transferred to your Guru website account. Your TeachCoins accumulate till the end of each month then you can withdraw 101 TeachCoins for ten dollars equivalent or multiples of this amount ($10, $20, $30… $500, …etc) but transfer charges will be deducted. You are responsible for paying your taxes if applicable locally.

  • What do I teach?

    As a Guru, remember that the student will rank you at the end of the session.

    The student has a challenge in your best subject so you need to first find out this issue in order to resolve it. You should simplify the solution as much as necessary in order to help the fellow student digest the tough parts of your subject. Continuously seek feedback to ensure full communication and you will have the fulfillment of having given understanding to your fellow student.

    As you grow through the ranks as a Guru you will also be able to have offline sessions. Then, you can organize tutorial classes for a group of students in a structured manner to cover your school curriculum for that subject in the period leading to an examination.

  • Where can I have offline sessions?

    Please have clear communication with your fellow student when choosing an offline location.

    First consideration is safety. A popularly known nearby public place which is not isolated is recommended such as an available classroom in your school. It is mandatory that you have you inform your friends and relatives of your location and have the local emergency contacts on hand during all sessions.

  • How can I get a higher rating?

    As a Guru you earn more TeachCoins per hour as you get higher ratings in the website. 

    But your attitude toward your customers (the student and fellow Gurus) will determine if you will get a 5-star personal ranking from each person you meet on this platform. This will be the single greatest factor in your getting a higher rating. Politely, ask for the highest personal ranking!

    You need ten (10) consecutive 5-star personal rankings to move from one level to the next level (see What is the Career Path of a Guru in this FAQ page).

  • What is the career path of a Guru?


    These are the levels and career path for a Guru in StudentTeachStudent which would take place automatically (without administrator action):



    • Does not appear in public list of Gurus (not in searches) and cannot make any appointments
    • Cannot charge fees
    • Fills in form fields to register
    • Verifies email and mobile phone
    • Registration complete, moves automatically to next level (zero-star)




    • Now appears in list of Gurus (zero-star ranking) but cannot make any appointments
    • Cannot charge fees
    • Sends requests to students for guarantees
    • Receives ten (10) completed guarantees
    • Guarantors completed, moves automatically to the next level (1-star)




    • Was already in list of gurus (now 1-star ranking) and can now make only online appointments
    • Cannot Charge fees yet
    • Teaches students and gets rated by each student
    • Gets 5-star performance evaluation (highest rating) from 10 consecutive students
    • Level completed, moves automatically to the next level (2-star)




    • Can make only online appointments but now can invite other Gurus
    • Fees - 20 TeachCoins per hour
    • Teaches online appointments and invites other Gurus to perform evaluation
    • Receives 5-star performance evaluation (highest rating) from 10 consecutive Gurus
    • Level completed, moves automatically to next level (3-star)




    • Now can make both online and offline appointments
    • Fees - 30 TeachCoins per hour
    • Teaches offline appointments and gets rated by each student
    • Receives 5-star performance evaluation (highest rating) from 10 consecutive offline students
    • Level completed, moves automatically to next level (4-star)




    • Now can make any appointment and can supervise other Gurus
    • Fees - 40 TeachCoins per hour
    • Supervises offline appointments while the supervised Guru gets rated
    • The supervised Gurus get 5-star (highest rating) from 10 consecutive offline students
    • Level completed, moves automatically to next level (5-star)




    • Continues to have both online and offline appointments and supervise Gurus
    • Fees - now can charge any amount of TeachCoins per hour of tutoring
    • Supervises at least one Guru within any month to maintain this level
    • The top leading Gurus appear in a prominent position in the home page



    Any Guru who gets the lowest personal rating (1-star) from students twice consecutively automatically drops down in ranking level to a 1-star Guru in order to be evaluated by other Gurus. Of course, any Guru or student who becomes a security threat will be promptly removed from this community and such issues handled by Government Security Personnel.


  • Relationships

    Our Gurus have proven respect for relationships hence they have each received character recommendations from ten fellow students. Only Gurus who continue to show respect for relationships remain in our community the essence of which is helpfulness. We care, that is why do what we do. We patiently and earnestly seek understanding from fellow students.

  • Excellence

    Our top ranking Gurus are those who have consistently excelled in tutoring students as well as in attitude towards fellow students. They have provided leadership to fellow Gurus and continue to do so hence deserve and receive accolades as worthy ambassadors of our community. You see the top Gurus honored with a prominent position in our home page.

  • Integrity

    We have a definite commitment to agreements. We do what we say we will do so all appointments, once confirmed, are always treated as a valid contract. Anyone breaching this contract is held accountable by being charged a full cost per hour for cancellation of any appointment. Thus all members of the community are committed to their own word.

  • Transparency

    All activities on this website are open to monitoring by Government Security Personnel. Yes, we have nothing to hide. This is a public space and transparency is one of the ways we support the security of young learners and adults alike. Only those who respect freedom of information to the Police to ensure the continued freedom of all in the community would register to join us.